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The Team

Everyone Has A Story, Let Us Tell Yours

KMoss Casting thrives on providing our clients with top quality talent for their projects, big and small. Whether it's "real people", actors, influencers or celebrities, we stand behind our work from start to finish.

Meet The Team

Kristen loves to get creative in business and is always looking for the next challenge. Casting sparked her Entrepreneurial spirit and she has now transitioned into a public speaker, consultant and social media content creator, offering tips and casting calls to the public on her Instagram @Reality_TV_CastingCalls. She is always looking for the next challenge whether that be a new and unique project, high profile client or development project. 

Alisha Norris has worked with KMoss Casting since 2021, as a Casting Producer and later transitioning to the role of Business Development Director. She grew up in South Carolina and studied Communications at the College of Charleston. Alisha has also lived in several major cities, including New York City and Los Angeles, before ultimately settling in Austin, Texas. She enjoys her work in casting as it allows her to connect with others, face challenges, and discover the best talent available. In her spare time she enjoys offering Breathwork classes, traveling and attempting to read multiple books at a time. If you have any specific questions or need further information about Alisha Norris and her career, please feel free to ask.

Recent Projects

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